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  • bathroom handicap modification
  • bedroom handicap modification
handicap accessible


We can help modify your home to let you live in your environment longer.
When considering modifying your home ask yourself these questions:

• Do I want to add a bathroom or bedroom to main level?
• Can I make my kitchen more functional?
• Am I worried about falling?
• Am I going to need wheel chair access?

aging in place brochure
Aging-in-place brochure

Download or print off the Aging-In-Place brochure provided by NAHB.

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What is a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS)?

The CAP Specialist is qualified to work with clients to modify their homes for aging in place. Every CAPS has completed the program developed by NAHB and AARP to provide comprehensive, practical, market-specific information about working with older and maturing adults.

How Long Do You Plan to Live in Your Current Home? 

If you are like the majority of Americans over the age of 45, you will want to continue living in a familiar environment throughout your maturing years. According to AARP, older homeowners overwhelmingly prefer to age-in-place, which means living in your home safely, independently and comfortably, regardless of age or ability level. Let Maule Construction help you stay in your home for as long as possible.



Thinking about remodeling or building a home? Thinking about Maule Construction for your builder? Give us a call, and we will provide you with a list of referrals you can call and talk to about our work.